Why You Should Outsource Your Company’s Affirmative Action Plan

April 27, 2020 at 4:00 AM

Affirmative action plans are an integral part of your company that foster a culture of diversity and talent. By law, a company of at least 50 or more employees is required to have an affirmative action plan in place. Affirmative action plans are overseen by your Human Resources department to handle the regulations and consult your company on the best practices to ensure compliance with the law. There are many ways your company can manage these plans, but the best way is it outsource it to professionals who understand the intricate dynamics of proper compliance. Below we lay out a few advantages to outsourcing your AAP compliance department. 

Employ real expertise. 

It is not uncommon for your HR department to understand recruiting but not compliance. Outsourcing your AAP compliance can leave your company in the hands of professionals that thoroughly understand affirmative action compliance and government regulations. Affirmative action plans include training programs, outreach efforts, and many other steps that HR professionals specifically concentrate on and have specialized expertise in. 

Why experts with a concentration in AAP? 

Human Resources departments are large and have a wide array of areas to cover. Outsourcing sections of your HR department into specialized units provides you with particular areas of concentration that ensure absolute federal compliance. When HR departments have too many balls to juggle, things can become distorted and convoluted. To avoid any compliance issues, the best thing to do is hire a specialized body of professionals who focus solely on AAP. 


Not every HR professional is well-versed in affirmative action plans. Often, there are particular sections of HR that focus solely on AAP and understand all compliance regulations inside and out. Government regulations can be tricky to properly navigate if you do not have a confirmed expert on the case. Give your company the ease of mind of knowing you have an experienced individual who has thoroughly studied AAP compliance laws to keep business running smoothly. 

InterConnect Human Resource Services works with clients on a collaborative basis to ensure the success of your company. After 25 years of experience, we create tailored solutions specifically for you including strategic planning and training for diversity and inclusion. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and our team is well equipped to take business risk and complexity out of the equation. Interest in working with us? Reach out to us today to learn more about our expert services!