Why are Diversity Outreach Programs Important for Businesses?

April 18, 2021 at 11:00 PM

Diversity outreach programs enable you to let your community know that you’re actively recruiting candidates from diverse and underrepresented groups. In addition to helping you stay compliant with regulations you may be subject to, these programs encourage participation from historically discriminated groups and foster a vibrant, more productive workplace.

InterConnect HR helps small businesses like yours with diversity outreach and other human resources needs that would otherwise take up too many internal resources.

Here’s why diversity outreach programs matter so much for businesses.

What do diversity outreach programs focus on?

Diversity outreach programs show that your business invites applications from different groups, and that once hired, you’ll treat and pay employees fairly regardless of their:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Disabilities
  • Nation of origin
  • Veteran status

Why do businesses need diversity outreach?

Here are three ways your business can benefit from diversity outreach programs.

1. They help you ensure compliance with federal and local discrimination laws

Depending on the number of employees you have, different federal employment anti-discrimation laws may apply to you.

However, adhering to these laws can be difficult if your business is failing to attract hires from diverse social groups.

Diversity outreach programs provide an opportunity for your business to assure prospective applicants from underrepresented communities that your business welcomes. In turn, this can help you achieve the diversity needed to comply with regulations.

If you have more than 100 employees or more than 50 but you’re a government contractor, this is information you’ll need to submit to the U.S. Department of Labor in your yearly EEO-1 Report.

2. They give you access to a wider talent pool

By showing that your business is welcoming to hires from all backgrounds, you make your business more attractive to a greater selection of talent. Some of those who apply to join your company may be people who would have otherwise doubted that they’d be treated fairly without your encouragement.

Of course, this contributes to increased productivity since you’ll have more applicants with exactly the skills you’re looking for.

And, in addition to being able to hire the most capable recruits, you’re also able to consider other important factors that determine an employee’s success, such as how well they align with your company values.

3. They nurture a more supportive workplace environment

Lastly, diversity outreach programs are essential for helping you develop a more tolerant culture as a company.

This can assist you in several practical ways. If you’re a government contractor under special federal employment regulations, your widened perspective can help you evolve your Affirmative Action Plan. With a constantly updated AAP that’s inspired by relevant voices within your organization, there’s one less hurdle when you’re trying to win more government contracts.

Even during your outreach, the feedback you receive can help you see if there are things you need to improve as a company to foster greater diversity.

Let InterConnect HR help with your diversity outreach programs

Without an internal HR team, running successful diversity outreach programs is difficult and fraught with mistakes that make it ineffective. InterConnect HR can give you all the benefits and expertise that come with your own HR compliance team, but a fraction of the cost.

We can help you with diveristy outreach, diversity and inclusion training, affirmative action planning, and several other services to help your business. We’re ready to use our more than 25 years’ experience to help you achieve compliance, diversity, and a workforce with the best available talent.

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