Why you should consider OFCCP training for recruiters

December 23, 2020 at 6:00 AM

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is a part of the U.S. Department of Labor that ensures employers doing business with the Federal government are complying with non-discrimination laws and regulations. It is essential for recruiters to know and follow these laws and regulations.

What is an OFCCP audit?

Every year, numerous federal contractors are evaluated for their compliance with affirmative action regulations and indicators of potential discrimination. If you have been selected for an audit, the OFCCP will send you a notification through a schedule letter. You’ll have 30 days to provide documentation of your affirmative action plans and supporting data for employee compensation.

Once the information is analyzed by the office, they may send any additional requests or follow-up questions. They may determine if an on-site audit is required, in which they assess any indicators of discrimination and conduct a detailed analysis of an effective affirmative action plan. If no violations were indicated, you’ll receive a letter stating so.

OFCCP training for recruiters is important because it ensures companies comply with federal laws and regulations in regards to federal contractors. Additionally, being trained in OFCCP auditing will help you prepare for audits by having the appropriate documentation on hand to make the process smoother.

The benefits of OFCCP certification

An OFCCP certification training course goes over the fundamental rules and regulations of the OFCCP for contractors and subcontractors who do business with the federal government. This training provides information and skills for HR employees on the OFCCP requirements regarding affirmative action, employee facility maintenance, employee notification, and recordkeeping.

Through OFCCP certification, you’ll learn how to take affirmative action to employ minorities, veterans, women, and people with disabilities. As a contractor, you must develop written plans of affirmative action, which may be intimidating without having the proper tools, training, and knowledge to do so. Learn about clauses in federal contracts, like equal opportunity, which impose specific compliance requirements on contractors.

OFCCP certification courses cover new rules and requirements signed each year. Not complaining to the OFCCP can result in significant sanctions. HR employees must understand and properly implement OFCCP requirements for compliance.

Training covers multiple aspects of OFCCP compliance, including:

  • Affirmative action
  • Compliance evaluations
  • Enforcement and sanctions
  • Equal opportunity
  • Notification of employee rights
  • OFCCP laws
  • Protected classes
  • Recordkeeping
  • Selection procedures
  • Statistical analysis

OFCCP training at InterConnect

Our experienced team at InterConnect offers OFCCP training for recruiters designed to help your business gain in-depth knowledge of how the process works. We train our clients using our systematic approach to audit support, ensuring every detail is taken care of so your business can gain from the experience.

At InterConnect, we offer human resources services that protect your business and the rights of all your workers. With our OFCCP Audit services, you’ll receive a consultation, strategic planning, data reconciliation, and compliance review training.

If you are a federal contractor who needs to ensure your company is fully compliant with current regulations, we’re here to help. Our 25 years of industry experience has enabled us to create tailored solutions for each client.

As our client, we’ll help you every step of the way. We analyze your workforce metrics and prepare businesses for the pre-audit, audit, and post-audit phases of an OFCCP audit. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation.